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VVMA Summer Seminar
June 23-26th, 2022
Isla Grand Beach Resort South Padre Island, Texas

UP TO 23 HOURS CE  Register on or before May 26, 2022. $250.00
                                          ​Register after May 26, 2022. $300.00

*If you are registering on site then payment will need to be in the form of cash or check.  We will be unable to accept credit cards on site.*
SCHEDULE:   Please check back frequently for updates on schedule/
                                Specific topics to be announced soon:

Thursday June 23rd

1-1:50pm  Flea Borne Typhus in Texas – Ronald Tyler Jr., DVM, MS
2-2:50pm  A Review of Characteristic Gross Pathology lesions for Zoonotic Diseases – Ronald Tyler Jr., DVM, MS
3-3:50pm  Mosquito Borne Diseases in South Texas – Vaishnavi Narasimhan, MPH
4-4:50pm  Rabies Awareness & Prevention in South Texas – Vaishnavi Narasimhan, MPH

7pm-9pm   Educational Dinner Provided by Zoeitis  - Parasiticide Update: What You Need to Know & Consider When Choosing Prevention” & “Canine Heartworm Disease Update: What's the Lates   Pablo D. Jimenez Castro, DVM, Ph.D

Friday June 24th
9-9:50am        Conquering Feline Herpesvirus (FHV-1) Dr. Stephanie Beaumont
10-10:50am    Be A Master....Avoid Disaster! Ocular Adnexal Surgery: Common Mistakes                         to Avoid Part 1  Dr. Stephanie Beaumont
11-11:50am     Be A Master....Avoid Disaster! Ocular Adnexal Surgery: Common Mistakes                         to Avoid Part 2  Dr. Stephanie Beaumont

12:00-1:30pm Lunch Provided 
2-2:50pm  The 10 minute orthopedic exam  Dr. Stephen Jones
3-3:50pm  Decision-making in CrCL disease  Dr. Stephen Jones
4-4:50pm  Tricks to successful management of MPL  Dr. Stephen Jones
5-5:50pm  Forelimb lameness - diagnosis and treatment  Dr. Stephen Jones

Saturday June 25th
​Veterinarian CE
11-11:50am   Use of Acrylics in the Oral Cavity Dr. Bert Dodd

1-1:50pm  Shock Dr. Alicia Niedzwecki
2-2:50pm  Anaphylaxis Dr. Alicia Niedzwecki 
3-3:50pm  Snakebites Dr. Alicia Niedzwecki  
4-4:50pm  Respiratory Distress--What is your diagnosis? Dr. Alicia Niedzwecki

Technician CE
9-9:50am  Proper Use of the Dental Chart   Thomas Koenig RVT, VTS
10-10:50am Intraoral Radiology   Thomas Koenig RVT, VTS
11-11:50am  Veterinary Dental Terminology  Thomas Koenig RVT, VTS

1-1:50pm    Transfusion medicine and monitoring  Jessica Thompson RVT, LVT
2-2:50pm    Fluid therapy  Jessica Thompson RVT, LVT
3-3:50pm    Triage  Jessica Thompson RVT, LVT
4-4:50pm    Anesthesia monitoring with added ECG interpretation Jessica Thompson RVT

7pm-9pm Family Pool Social / Dinner Sponsored by Hills

Sunday June 26th

8am-9am       Breakfast (DVM and Prepaid Guests) Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim
9-9:50am      Updates on Management of Canine Osteoarthritis Dr. Jessica Stroble
10-10:50am  The path to Effective Post Operative Pain Management  Dr. Jessica Stroble

 * Please turn in evaluation form and sign out at registration desk prior to leaving in order to get CE credit.

We will be providing lunch on Friday, June 24th and breakfast on Sunday, June 26th for registered veterinarians.  On Saturday, June 26th we will be hosting a Family Pool Social at the Isla Grand and will be providing a meal and drinks (for registered vet and one guest), dinner can be purchased for additional guests for $25 each.  There will be no charge for any of the above meal events for all paid veterinarians.  This year we are allowing guests to also attend the Friday lunch and Sunday morning breakfast for an additional fee of $15 per person.  Please indicate attendance for all meal events on registration form.

New this year we are providing 7 hours of continuing education for technicians.  This will be provided on Saturday June 25th.

There will be a small exhibit hall and will be open Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm.  Exhibitors scheduled to attend include Elanco, Merial, Zoetis, Hills, Merck and several others.

If cancelling registration prior to May 23, 2022 than you will receive a refund less a $30 processing fee.  Cancellations after May 23, 2022 will receive a refund less a $75 processing fee.  Cancellations made after June 10th will not be eligible for a refund. Please make all cancellations in writing via email to 


Entire Meeting (before May 24th)                     $250

Entire Meeting (after May 24th)                        $300

One Day Only Meeting                                     $150

Tech Seminar (7 hours)                                    $100

Friday Lunch (for additional guests)                $15/guest

Pool Social Dinner (for additional guests)        $25/guest

Sunday Breakfast (for additional guests)         $15/guest

Fishing Tournament (per fisherman)                $195/person

Proceedings Books                                           FREE

*Fees include all of the meals for the registered DVM.